Fingerstyle Guitar Resources

by michael
2 minutes
Fingerstyle Guitar Resources

As a somewhat enthusiastic Fingerstyle player, I am always on the lookout for great resources, be it tutorials, tabs or just great arrangements. I'll use this article to collect a few.

Helmut Bickel

Helmut (from Tirol) has well over 300 arrangements with handwritten tabs on Youtube. Some very nice arrangements. All for free. Videos are in German but he's showing more than he's talking, so anyone should benefit.

Dan C Holloway

One of my favourites. Transcribes and arranges many classic songs and has a great 'grumpy grandpa' teaching style. A bit pricier than the rest but worth it.


Creates arrangements of popular songs (and some own songs). Tabs are available on Patreon for a small price


Songs are on Youtube, Tabs on Patreon

Six String Fingerpicking

Guitars and Dragons

Mostly fantasy style classical guitar pieces


Breaks down and transcribes a lot of pretty complicated songs (e.g. Tommy Emmanuel)

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